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The Truth About Pizza Delivery Carlton Fees And Who Gets Them

You may remember a time when you ordered a pizza from a pizza chain and the cost of the pizza was the price quoted on the phone plus tax.

You then tipped the driver when he or she came to your door and had a hot pizza to enjoy.

But the concept of Pizza Delivery Carlton has changed over the past few years and many chains are adding delivery fees to their totals.

These fees can range from two dollars to five dollars in most areas of the Australia and the companies that charge them are quick to add that the delivery fees are not tips to the driver. So in addition to a delivery fee you are still supposed to tip your driver, possibly adding upwards of eight dollars to what you thought your total pizza bill would be.

Why are there delivery fees? Who do they go to? As with many hidden fees, the answer seems to be that no one is really sure.

Why Are There Delivery Fees?

Most restaurants claim to have introduced delivery fees in order to stay competitive in the delivery pizza market.

Others note that the fee covers liability insurance for the drivers and goes toward money they pay the drivers for gas and wear and tear on their cars during delivery.

But analysts note that this usually adds up to about half the amount of the fees taken and some drivers feel that their companies are pocketing the rest.

Driver Tips Being Affected By The Fee

From message boards to interviews, drivers across the country believe that the delivery fees are hurting their overall tips.

First of all, customers mistakenly think that the delivery fee is part of the tip for the driver. Legally the Pizza Delivery Carlton is supposed to be up front about the fee and clear that it is not a tip but the disclaimer is often hard to spot, either in fine print on the website when you order, on the pizza box itself which no one really examines until after they’ve paid, or on the receipt.

A Pizza Delivery Carlton driver noted that the tips cut into their bottom line. Many delivery drivers make just a few dollars an hour as it is expected to be made up in tips.

But others who have been working in the industry have noted that they are actually making less on tips since delivery fees were instituted and the correlation seems to be more than accidental

Pizza Companies Say Delivery Fee Is Necessary

Pizza chains that deliver say that they face stiff competition. According to a 2008 USA Today article by Bruce Horovitz, the companies introduced the delivery fee as a way to stay in business in a very competitive market.

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