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Star Wars Lego Sets: The Best Presents For All Star Wars Fans!

If you like Star Wars or Lego then you probably already know about the very successful Star Wars Lego product line! It's awesome seeing all the, space ships locations and beloved characters from the universe come alive through the magic of Lego!

2014 was the 15th anniversary of the star wars lego sets and several new toys and playsets were released that are irresistible to children fans of all ages!

The most sought after Star Wars Lego set, because of the number of minifigures it contains and its innate coolness, is The Death Star! It was first released back in 2008 and it contains a whopping 24 figures, including multiples of some characters wearing different costumes from the movies! This set is set the bench very high for all playsets that followed it! Consisting of 3800 individual Lego pieces and measuring 41cm tall and 42cm wide the Death Star is easily one of the biggest Lego playsets available! It serves as a 360 diorama with many rooms on recreating pivotal moments from the original trilogy like the trash compactor scene from A New Hope and the Final Battle between Darth Vader and Luke at the end of Return Of The Jedi!

The Cloud City of Planet Bespin form The Empire Strikes Back, is another very popular new lego star wars sets! It contains 705 pieces and features 7 very rare minifigures. It features an open layout representing crucial moments from the epic finale of the movie it's based on!

The Millennium Falcon is by far the largest set ever made since it's consisted of the staggering amount of 5195 pieces! It was the first Millennium Falcon play set to contain minifigures and fans loved it for this reason! On the outside, it looks exactly like its movie counterpart, but unfortunately the inside there is nothing to write home about. Despite that however, it still remains one of the most popular Lego sets ever released!

The Imperial AT-AT has always been loved by all Star Wars fans. Few fans of the original movies can forget that moment the huge AT-AT vehicles appeared in the epic battle of the ice planet Hoth form The Empire Strikes Back movie. Lego has made many different versions of the AT-AT but the most popular by far, is the motorized one! Purists may be prejudiced against it, but it is a very fun lego star wars minifigures and watching the mighty AT-AT walk all by itself for the first time is truly an unforgettable sight!

Other popular play-sets include Jabba the Hutt's Sail Barge which contains a lot of minifigures representing almost all the stars of the films including very rare figures of Lando Carlisian and Boba Fett! Most of these figures can also be found in the Battle Of Endor set which is very popular with younger fans because it contains the adorable Ewoks!

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